How to get free Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin

How to get free Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin

Buying cryptocurrency isn't always an option for the beginners. Regardless if you’re living in a country where it's still hard to buy it by a card or PayPal or simply you don’t have any money willing to spend, getting into it's not that hard. you can do it for free and get cryptocurrency and see how it actually Earn."How to get free Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin"

And you'll be able to do it this way:

There are one or two of faucets where you'll be able to claim some of Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin every few minutes. These are top rated faucets and you can make sure that you can get your coins quickly. And you will be able to get your satoshis into your wallet within a day thanks to dogecoin Creator and its ability to conduct cheap and fast transactions.

How to get free Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin

Before we start, here’s a couple of quick answers on questions you may be asking yourself:

1. how it can be true that you will get these coins for free?

The faucets that I am about to describe are simply making money showing some advertising banner on the website. That’s if they make money from ads and you get a chance to get a couple of satoshis just by pressing a claim button.

2. will you get plenty of coins?

you will be able to claim up to 50-150 dogecoins per day depends on how fast you claim them. This amount isn't that much of money right now (currently 1000 dogecoins equals about $1 USD) but it is up to you how to perceive the value of what you will get.

3. how long would you have to wait for the satoshis to actually get them into your wallet?

- Since the faucets i am about to describe are connected into a joint service where you can convert the coins (Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin) between each other you will be able to get your satoshis within a day. The way you will do that converts all of your satoshis and litoshis that you simply claimed into dogecoins and get them withdrawn to your Dogecoin wallet within a day or 2 days. that's simple.

I know how it's hard for some people out there to buy cryptocurrency and I can get a little bonus for referring you to those faucets I am about to describe. I am also spreading the word about dogecoin and how fast and simple it's compared to other cryptos.

There are 5 faucets that you simply can use to collect all the cryptocurrency you get there into one wallet instantly (my referral links included):





Bonusbitcoin has recently also added Dash coin and Bitcoin cash faucets: Moondash and Mooncash

Make sure to register on all of the faucets mention above in order to claim the maximum number of satoshis and convert them into dogecoin. the first 3 from the list will offer you up to 100 percent claim bonus if you claim coins from them at least once on a daily basis.

In order to get started claiming faucets, you will have to create an account on a micro wallet service All of the Claiming faucets are connected with your account and you will get all of your satoshis each time you claim them into your Coinpot account instantly.

You have to use your email address you registered with Coinpot to sign in into the faucets mentioned above so make sure you first create an account in Coinpot.

Then, you will be able to convert the satoshis, litoshis, and dogecoins into each other — If you wish to get your coins quickly simply convert everything you claim into dogecoins. The payment threshold for dogecoins is 50 — the amount you will be able to claim within each day. The payment threshold for the other coins that are available on the coinpot are a little bit higher and you will need a couple of days to get your first withdrawal.

Once you have got reached your payment threshold all you have to do is submit a withdrawal request to get these coins into your wallet. If you’re a beginner and don’t want to mess with difficult wallet apps I like to recommend using wallet where you can receive bitcoin, Dogecoin, and litecoin. The confirmation of your withdrawal usually takes less than 24 hours so don’t panic if you don’t get them instantly.

And, once withdrawing, don’t forget to check twice you’re withdrawing them to a right wallet address.

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