Neo Shows its Continues Growth

Neo Shows its Continues Growth

The blockchain and virtual currency NEO shared its latest project updates for October 2018. On its Global Development Monthly Report, NEO explains that October marks the anniversary of the NEO MainNet deployment. One of the most important things mentioned is the expansion of its community in other countries."Neo Shows its Continues Growth"

NEO celebrates the second anniversary of its MainNet. The network was launched on October 17, 2016. Since that moment, the NEO ecosystem did not stop growing all over the world.

Additionally, NEO has celebrated the first Creative Design COmpetition that received entries from over 100 designers. The competitors were from more than 30 different countries. This shows that there is an important number of talented individuals within the NEO community.

Neo Shows its Continues Growth

The NEO community was also able to grow during the last month. Keymakers, a Japan-based NEO developer community is giving education and technical documentation in Japanese for local developers. In Russia, NGD held its first meetup in the country. The main intention was to engage the local community.

In addition to it, the NEO social network community has also expanded. The most important social channels have registered a consistent growth during the last month.

About it, NEO wrote on its blog post a few days ago:

“The Neo community continues to expand steadily this month with new followers on various social media platforms, showing continues growth. The NEO community Discord also opened a new channel for Keymakers this month.”

Twitter is the largest social media channel for NEO with 317,844 followers, followed by Reddit with 97,058 users subscribed. Facebook has 30,300 followers and Discord 22,882.

In Latin America, NEO continues to increase its presence. The community called AmazoNeo aims at extending NEO’s reach in the Latin American region. At the same time, the intention is to enhance its presence in the local industry, public sector, and academia.'Neo Shows its Continues Growth'

Finally, the NGD started its European hackathon tour. According to NEO, there were developers with very impressive skills at Delft, Rotterdam, and Berlin.

NEO shows that it continues to grow in a very competitive cryptocurrency market. Although virtual currencies are in a bear trend, NEO and its community continue to grow.

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