Ripple XRP Price Starts to Look Bullish Again

Ripple XRP Price Starts to Look Bullish Again

Most of the top cryptocurrencies appear to be recovering some of their lost value in the past 24 hours. Although there is plenty of work to be done, the current trend is a lot more promising than anything traders have seen since Monday. For Ripple XRP, the renewed push to $0.55 appears to be in full effect. A lot of great news shows this asset remains of great value to both speculators and enthusiasts alike."Ripple XRP Price Starts to Look Bullish Again"

It is evident people have high hopes for Ripple XRP moving forward. That is only normal, as this asset has always been a lot more bullish compared to other cryptocurrencies. This has become even more apparent throughout 2018, although the year is far from over. The expected push to $0.55 in the past few weeks never materialized, but this current rebound paints an interesting future.

Ripple XRP Price Starts to Look Bullish Again

Over the past 24 hours, there has been a very small Ripple XRP uptrend in both the USD and BTC department. These gains are not spectacular by any means, but there is some reason to get somewhat excited at this time. Considering how Ripple XRP has not had much luck this week, this new momentum has some people speculating about what comes next.

Even though the partnership between RippleNet and National bank of Kuwait was inked in May of 2018, it is getting a lot of renewed attention this week. No official news has been released in this regard, but it is evident there are plenty of potential consequences regarding this partnership. It is a bit unclear if and when a commercialized product will come to market in this regard.

Secondly, it would appear there is a new partnership between the AUE Exchange and Ripple. Both entities want to promote and smoothen cross-border payments. As part of this agreement. UAE Exchange will become the first money transfer business in the Middle East to promote real-time settlement solutions. Another notch in the belt for Ripple.

Last but not least, XR continues to make inroads in the financial sector. Cred, a provider of cryptocurrency-backed lending services, is currently in the process of collateralizing its loans with XRP. That is a very valid use case for RIppleā€™s digital asset and one that can effectively drive higher adoption moving forward. A lot of puzzle pieces are coming together for Ripple XRP right now, which can push the value a lot higher.

Based on the current circumstances, there is a very good chance thing will improve the XRP value in the coming hours and days. A renewed push to $0.55 is not out of the question, albeit it remains a bit unclear how long this uptrend can last. If Bitcoin is to dip again, every other currency will quickly follow suit. XRP is not an exception in this department.

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