ZCash Price Shows Lots of Positive Momentum

ZCash Price Shows Lots of Positive Momentum

Most of the top cryptocurrencies remain in the red, for the time being. that's primarily because Bitcoin is slowly losing its price value In such events, altcoins are usually dragged down with this negative momentum One notable exception in the top 20 is ZCash because it remains in the green without much effort."ZCash Price Shows Lots of Positive Momentum"

It is evident all of the top altcoins follow Bitcoin’s price curve first and foremost. whereas that's not essentially a bad thing, it's also rather problematic when it comes to altcoins in general. This symbiotic relationship with Bitcoin hinders their probabilities of breaking out on their own power. Things are seemingly a bit different when it comes to ZCash ZEC, one of the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency.

ZCash Price Shows Lots of Positive Momentum

In the past 2 days, ZCash is the only notable Cryptocurrency to go in the green. each altcoin has lost value, either in a marginal fashion or through medium-sized deficits. in the case of Zcash, however, things are bit different, because it continues to be up by 1.6% in USD value and gained nearly 3-dimensional over Bitcoin itself. that's quite promising when looking at the bigger picture.

Looking at social media, it looks GCG marketing research is paying a lot of attention to Zcash ZEC for the time being. They even go as far as claiming how Zcash ZEC can outperform potentially all altcoins in the remainder of q4. a very ambitious statement, as it won't happen unless there's some truth to the Coinbase listing rumors. So far, those are still false.

There are those who tend to publicly debate the stagnating developments affecting altcoins. Andreas H is one of those individuals, by the look of things. In fact, he sees this as a situation which will benefit the interest in Zcash ZEC. while there could also be some truth tot hat idea, comparing both currencies in any way makes literally no sense whatever.

As is usually the case where cryptocurrency market prices make no real sense, arbitrage opportunities pop up out of nowhere. Arbing Tool confirms buying and selling ZEC across different exchanges can yield some very fast profits for virtually no work involved. Taking advantage of those market options is simply said than done, though.

Based on this market conditions, it appears unlikely ZCash can remain at this level for a long time. After all, no cryptocurrency ever escapes the vacuuming region that is Bitcoin. For the time being, it looks a value above $125 should be possible for a while longer, but recovery $130 could also be a bit too difficult.

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