An Exciting News about Factom (FCT)

An Exciting News about Factom (FCT)

Over the past few weeks, the Factom (FCT) price has increased a 300%. Why is this happen? Big vendor partnership announcement news have been coming out, recently covers from Forbes, a new protocol website, and Exciting new developments funded via Factom’s grant pool and unique authority node incentive model."An Exciting News about Factom (FCT)"

An Exciting News about Factom (FCT)

The Factom FCT ecosystem is happy to announce the launch of to coincide with our long-term role as a world-leading decentralized open-source data integrity protocol.

The goal of the new factom fct website is to provide a space for companies, developers, and the general public to learn all aspects of the Factoms protocol with a low barrier of entry.

The factoms new website introduces a wide range of content, including a Factom discussion forum to allow community members, new users, and developers, to discuss the protocol via forum and conduct protocol governance.

In addition, a factom developer portal hosts a library of developer documentation to understand, tutorials, enterprise solutions, and general information About factom project, to help visitors from all backgrounds to understand why the Factoms protocol is so powerful and secure.

Going further, the Factom' will daily expand with the addition of articles, blog post, announcements and news, and helpful information and tutorials in the developer portal. A newsletter will also be launching to provide subscribers with the latest news and enterprise solutions built with the Factom's protocol.

The launch of the Factom's protocol website is a big step forward for the Factoms ecosystem as it moves to reach full decentralized for both the protocol and the organization structure.

2018 has been a happy year for Factom (FCT), leading to some significant new partnerships and increased media attention in cryptocurrency market.

Equator solutions, a business unit of Altisource and leading provider of residential loan default applications and marketing solutions for many of the country’s top servicers, real estate agents and vendors, officially announced its partnership with Factom FCT. to use Factoms Harmony blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform into the Equator PRO solution.

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