Factom FCT is Riding a Bullish Wave

Factom FCT is Riding a Bullish Wave

The Factom FCT Coin has sharply risen over the past few days breaching resistance levels. It is currently the best performing coin in the Crypto market. The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency has surged by 58% in a week, The Factom FCT is currently spotting a market cap of $116.76 million."Factom FCT is Riding a Bullish Wave"

Factom FCT price has fared well in a bearish cryptocurrency market. It is maintaining its position among top-performing coin continuously since the crypto market collapsed. Factom FCT price is constantly recording gains and staying above the bullish pattern. The price is soaring in the market owing to increased buyers and sellers. The relative strength index (RSI) shows a healthy buying trade of the FCT coin. The Factom coin has breached the resistance level found at $13.37. The next major resistance level is traced at $18.26. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) for the FCT Coin is showing a strong bullish momentum. The 100 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) trading at $10.75 is showing an uptrend line. The crypto asset Factom FCT is currently exchanging hands at $13.04 and is surging against USD by 21%.

Factom FCT is Riding a Bullish Wave

The FCT Coin is gaining against Bitcoin BTC by 17.21%. At the time of writing one FCT is equal to 0.00339479 BTC.

Factom FCT Latest Updates

The Equator, a mortgage software and marketing firm, has agreed to use Factom’s Harmony blockchain as a service (BaaS). Speculators say that this has caused a surge in buying of the Factom cryptocurrency. FCT is continuing its uptrend in the Crypto market and has also experienced a surge in its market capitalization by 44%.
Coincheck, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that it will resume trading for Ripple XRP and Factom FCT on its exchange platform. Coincheck, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges of Japan, was subject to a hack in the month of January.

Yooya And Factom

Yooya will use the Factom Harmony platform to deliver a public or private blockchain experience, which will be into the public Factom protocol. This will be important for immutability. Besides that, it could option for a private route for Factom Harmony, which will be hosted by Factom Developers.

Yooya decided to use the Factom platform for its ability to use the blockchain to deliver accurate data solutions. Best of all, Factom does not use any tokens which are prone to prize fluctuations, proprietary wallet, and other such distractions.

Few blockchain projects can offer the scale needed to keep up with the video demand in China while being efficient and decentralized. The Factom Harmony project, resold by Wancloud within China will lead to major economic benefits. It will allow Factom to publish the Factom blockchain outside and inside China.

What The Factom CEO Thinks

According to Paul Snow, the Factom CEO, he believes that Factom has been waiting for a customer such as Yooya since it first took a crack at the blockchain world in 2013. He said that Factom was happy to see a great company like Yooya decided to utilize the Harmony Platform. The CEO also mentioned that the company’s Q3 2018 revenue has risen by over 675% from the same period a year ago. He concluded that 2019 would be busier for them than any other year.

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