Factom FCT Price Chart and Bull Run

Factom FCT Price Chart and Bull Run

Factom FCT, a native token of Factom project, a developer of a system for securing millions of real-time records using blockchain technology, is up by more than 80% after its bull run that started at the same time as the whole cryptocurrency market crashed in November 2018.

The token, currently 44th position by market capitalization, skyrocketed by almost 400% since mid-November through December 6 before dropping sharply last week. However, it started recovering price value on Monday, again (+15%.)."Factom FCT Price Chart and Bull Run"

Factom FCT price chart:

Factom FCT Price Chart and Bull Run

Factom FCT bull run started in the middle of November, which is incidentally also when the other altcoins crashed in one of the worst bear market runs of 2018. However, Factom FCT defied this downward trend possibly thanks to several different announcements and news from the team which generated hype around the project.

2018 has been a big year for Factom project, leading to some significant new partnerships. The Equator, a business unit of Altisource and provider of residential loan services default software and marketing solutions, officially announced its partnership with Factom Inc. to use Factom FCT Harmony blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform into the Equator PRO solution on November 13th.

The Factom ecosystem has also announced the launch of new factomprotocol.org to coincide with their expanding role as a world-leading decentralized open-source data integrity protocol, as their official announcement states. The new site introduces a wide range of content, including a Factom FCT discussion forum to allow community members and developers to discuss the protocol and conduct protocol governance.

On December 6th, the Factom ecosystem also announced the expansion of Factom Harmony with the release of Harmony Connect, which is offering a way to build blockchain capabilities into an application without managing Cryptocurrency, wallets, or network nodes. Harmony Connect offers a free blockchain sandbox for exploration, as well as private blockchain program for development, staging, and production.

The startup claims that among organizations involved with the Factom Protocol are American Alliance Transnational Corporation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the US Department of Homeland Security and other services.

According to Factom, its token FCT is needed to reward a range of parties to build and support the infrastructure of the distributed protocol.

Among top 100 altcoins (excluding stablecoins) only Factom, Waves (+57%,) Bitcoin Private (+20%,) and Revain (+6%) are in green in the past month.

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