IOTA Price Finally Seen Upward Movement

IOTA Price Finally Seen Upward Movement

While the year 2018 has not been overly pleasant for any cryptocurrency investor or speculator, the weekends usually offer a breath of fresh air. In today’s edition, there is a clear upward movement where the IOTA MIOTA price is concerned. This is a welcome change, as it seems most discussions pertaining to this digital asset has somewhat disappeared into the background."IOTA Price Finally Seen Upward Movement"

IOTA Price Finally Seen Upward Movement

Even though most people may remember IOTA taking the cryptocurrency market cap rankings by storm, it somehow struggling to keep the price momentum going. The extended bearish trend of 2018 has not helped matters much in this regard, but that is only to be expected. As such, IOTA is now well outside the top 10 positions in the market cap, as its total valuation has dropped to just $638m.

Over the past 24 hours, however, there has been a very peculiar IOTA miota price increase. Courtesy of a 7.8% gain in USD value and a 4.8% gain on Bitcoin BTC, one IOTA MIOTA is now valued at $0.23 once again. That is a very promising sign, especially when considering how this digital currency maximum supply and circulating supply are identical. There will be no new IOTA MIOTA created in the future, this its value increase would, in theory, be easily sustainable.

As is always the case when it comes to specific cryptocurrency projects, there will be fans on one side and people who refute the concept on the other. IOTA is, unfortunately, no exception in this regard. A recent Medium post shared by DK seems to shed an interesting spotlight on how IOTA works exactly, although it is not necessarily a positive spotlight. Always do own research prior to making any investments in cryptocurrency and don’t just listen to facts presented by others.

It would appear there is some news on social media regarding the future of blockchain technology in the Internet of Things industry. Although IOTA MIOTA seems well-positioned to disrupt this industry in many different ways, one has to wonder if it will happen anytime soon and going to moon. The tweet below by WSL der RWTH Aachen University seems to confirm a bright future awaits IOTA in this regard.

Last but not least, other efforts are underway to increase more awareness for IOTA MIOTA and how its ecosystem works exactly. Edward Greve is in the process of going through an entire series of explaining all matters pertaining to IOTA and the Internet of Things. Educational efforts have always been somewhat overlooked in cryptocurrency, thus efforts like these need to be applauded first and foremost.

Based on all of these developments, it is not entirely surprising to see the IOTA price rise all of a sudden. Whether or not this brief spell of hype and positivity will lead to a major rebound, is a different matter altogether. If Bitcoin were to turn bearish again, things could look very dire for this altcoin once again. After all, IOTA miota follows Bitcoin BTC price cycles first and foremost.

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