Lisk Coin Significant Upside Potential

Lisk Coin Significant Upside Potential

Lisk Coin is starting to become a soft target for cryptocurrency bears. Just a quick glance at the weekly LSK/USD chart shows how the bearish have completely obliterated the bullish resolve.

Lisk Coin Significant Upside Potential

  If this were happening on Wall Street, a lot of crypto users would be watching Lisk Coin and trying to wrap their heads around the possible reasons for this extra bearish pattern momentum. Most of the time, when something happens like this to a coin on the cryptocurrency market it is either a newly emerging promising token or a useless old dinosaur that investors are trying to get rid of. However, when something like this happens during bearish times to a cryptocurrency project that has strong fundamentals, it raises a lot more questions in the crypto community."Lisk Coin Significant Upside Potential"

If you are considering investing in Lisk Coin, you might want to know what those reasons could be. If the reason a crypto coin is falling is that its team members or investors in the company are selling tokens, you do not want to look at any other reasons. This should be a deal breaker for you because if a team or its investors does not believe in the project, that project has no future potential. In the case of Lisk Coin (LSK), we know that insiders seriously believe in their project and are not going to dump their tokens. Besides, the majority of Lisk tokens are owned by the general public, not the team members. If the general public keeps selling, that should not be a cause for concern because retail investors are generally wrong most of the time. They buy tokens when they should sell and they sell when they should buy.

There are Cryptocurrency Coins like ZCash (ZEC), Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Monero (XMR) which are also medium market capitalize coins like Lisk Coin (LSK) but one can short them on Bitmex or Bitfinex exchanges. This means that investors can put extra bearish pattern pressure on such coins. However, Lisk Coin (LSK) has no such problem. It cannot be shorted on most exchanges. It can only be buy and sale and that's in very small amounts on exchanges considering the market volume has almost dried up. So, the only possible reason for this extra bearish pattern behavior could be deliberate manipulation. Unlike Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), you cannot buy Lisk Coin (LSK) over the counter. So, if you are a whale trader and you really want Liskcoin (LSK), you have to buy it on exchanges.

Now, how do you buy a crypto coin on different exchanges without having other people follow your trail? The best way to do is to make that coin seem like a sh*tcoin. So, every time the rest cryptocurrency market goes up 5%, you dump your Lisk token on exchanges. If retail traders and investor see this consistently over a certain period of time, they are convinced that the token they are holding Lisk (LSK) is definitely a sh*tcoin and that they would be better off buying something else altcoins. That is when those unsuspecting retail traders and investor sell and the whale buyers gladly pick up their coins.

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