A Major Monero XMR related Kidnapping

A Major Monero XMR related Kidnapping

There are correlations between cryptocurrency and criminal activity. This activity has been apparent for years and only seems to grow bolder every quarter. A group of people who kidnapped the wife of a wealthy Norwegian now demands a ransom in Monero XMR. More specifically, they want to obtain 9 million euro worth of Monero XMR. A rather disturbing development for all parties involved."A Major Monero XMR related Kidnapping"

A Major Monero XMR related Kidnapping

It is not uncommon for criminals to try and obtain illicit transaction of Cryptocurrency payments. Whether it is through malicious apps, crypto jacking, extortion, hacking, or darknet activity, all of these avenues are well-documented. What is rather unusual is how a group of individuals will purposefully kidnap others simply to obtain a big Monero XMR payment. Such a Criminal story is currently developing in Europe, where a 9 million euro Monero ransom is currently in the balance.

This entire story goes back to late October 2018. Tom Hagen, a wealthy Norwegian man, noticed his wife was kidnapped from her home near Oslo. A note was left at the scene, which was written in poorly-constructed Norwegian. The culprits made it clear they were going to kill Anne-Elisabeth unless they receive a multi-million euro payment as ransom. Additionally, that Ransom payment had to be made in Monero XMR, the least traceable cryptocurrency on the market today.

Considering how the note also indicated a clear intent to do harm, an investigation was launched immediately. Police continue to advise the family not to make the Ransom payment, albeit they are no closer to bringing Ms. Hagen back home either. It remains unclear who is behind the kidnapping of  Anne-Elisabeth or where they may have taken the victim in the process. It is also the first time European officials have to deal with a cryptocurrency-related kidnapping.

Some people might be wondering why no one talked about this Ransom kidnapping until this week. The Hagen family and police officials agreed it would be best to keep this kidnapping story out of the press until some time had passed. As of this week, the entire ransom kidnapping story became public knowledge, which will potentially lead to some new leads for the police to investigate. Any information related kidnapping is more than welcome at this point.

What is rather worrisome is how there has been no proof confirming the Anne-Elisabeth is still alive at this time. While that doesn’t necessarily mean any harm has been done to her, it is something to keep in the back of one’s mind at all times. As such, an open dialog between the kidnappers and the Hagen family will need to be established first and foremost. Assuming kidnaped victim is still safe, the family is willing to begin a procedure to bring her home again.

The involvement of Monero XMR will also raise a lot of questions. Although it is the least traceable digital currency on the market, it would appear this currency will continue to attract the attention of criminals as well. Especially if payment were to be made, there may be further incidents like these in the future. For now, the main focus lies on getting kidnaped victim home safe and sound by any means necessary. how that may happen exactly, remains to be determined.

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