Electroneum Price Prediction for 2019

Electroneum Price Prediction for 2019

In the crypto world, BTC is still king. However, it is not the only interesting Cryptocurrency that has survived the 2018 bear markets. Bitcoin BTC success led to the development and emergence of at least 1,500 crypto tokens. One of this cryptocurrency is Electroneum. The ETN was launched in September 2017 and currently placed among the top 100 cryptocurrencies."Electroneum Price Prediction for 2019"

Electroneum Price Prediction for 2019

If you are familiar with the crypto market, it is hard to ignore the impact that John McAfee can have on the cryptocurrency prices. He has become a renowned influencer in the crypto market. In his tweet about Electroneum price prediction, he said that he expects the ETN to do well because it will appeal to the non-technical and technical users since it is user-friendly.

John McAfee also pointed out that it has a massive following on social media and it is a privacy coin which can enable ETN to gain mainstream acceptance quickly. According to Walletinvestor.com, Electroneum is a high-risk one-year investment and they give a prediction that its price will plummet further to $0.50.

However, based on current price performance, technology, and market price trends, uslifed.com predicts that ETN’s price will rise to around $0.74 in December 2019. That prediction is based on the fact that the electroneum has a huge following on various social platforms and it is very easy to use.

In the long-term, Coinliker.com does give a price prediction of $2.44 for 2023. Based on that prediction, it means that Electroneum would seem to be on the growth track in 2020 with a $200 investment becoming $23,000 by 2023. Uslifed.com also given a prediction that the price will hit $0.812 in January 2020 and $1.10 by December 2020.

The electroneum price predictions for the future are divided and it is important to consider these forecasts before making any investment decisions. However, the fundamentals of the electroneum should also influence your decisions. It is a good investment opportunity since it has a competent team with defined goals. The electroneum has a dedicated and experienced team running the show.

The CEO, Richard Ells, is experienced in building successful tech businesses including Retortal Ltd, valued at around $50 million. So far, the development team has been prompt in fixing any issues and quick in developing new features. the team has informed their investors about their primary goals and how they plan to achieve them.

Also, ETN's huge community of supporters may signify that it is growing. Its appeal to non-technical users has enabled the ETN to acquire massive support at the grass-root level. users hope that its mobile-friendly environment  may enable it to spearhead the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world.

In the beginning of 2018, the electroneum live users were approximately 765,000 and the number surpassed 2,000,000 live users before August 2018. These numbers signify that ETN is growing making it an excellent investment.

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