How To Get Free Ripple XRP Coin in 2019

How To Get Free Ripple XRP Coin in 2019

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How To Get Free Ripple XRP Coin in 2019

You can now mine XRP in your browser! Hashes solved are converted to Ripple XRP and credited to your faucet balance daily!

This is an option in only - no mining will occur without your permission :)

Look for the Mining option in Console on the Account page.


Some Cryptocurrency exchanges use a single XRP address for all users and require a destination tag. If this is you, please include your destination tag as part of your Ripple XRP address in the following format: 

xrpaddress-destination tag 

e.g. rCoinaUERUrXb1aA7dJu8qRcmvPNiKS3d-12345678 

Alternatively, use an exchange (e.g. Poloniex) that provides users with a unique XRP address or download the Ripplex Wallet to create your own personal XRP address.

Remember - you need to make a claim at least one time every 30 days to keep your account active

What is XRP?

Ripple XRP is the ticker symbol of a crap cryptocurrency.
You are unlikely to ever get rich on Ripple XRP, as this is a currency made for banks. It has no real use for the common user and quite likely has no use for the banking sector either. Like all large corporate entities, they are heavily centralized, profit-focused, and more than happy to bring out the lawyers for all manner of minor infringements. If you want to support truly innovative, decentralized cryptocurrencies, we recommend looking into community backed, open source projects such as Monero and Elastic.

That said, there is a public demand for Ripple XRP faucets, yet very few faucets to meet this demand. For this reason, and also as a general FU to Ripple XRP's leaders and lawyers, we will continue to operate this faucet for the foreseeable future.

Mining Cryptocurrencies

Ripple is not directly mineable but there you can mine currencies such as Monero, which are profitable even with a CPU or GPU, and convert that into XRP. now enables you to 'mine' XRP directly in your browser! We do this by mining a different currency and then paying you out in Ripple!

Just make a claim and visit the Account page when you can use the Ripple mining console to start mining XRP straight away. All your mining funds are directly credited to your balance each day. You can adjust how much of your computer power resources to use for mining by setting the number of threads and mining speed. To increase your mining hash rate you can mine on multiple computers!

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