New Chat Application Running on IOTA

New Chat Application Running on IOTA

IOTA (iot) started 2019 with a new chat application running on IOTA Controlled agenT (ICT).
The application was released by IOTA’s Omega Team members MicroHash (Lukas Tassanyi) and Samuel. In an article introducing the app to the community, Tassanyi noted that ICT app is often considered futuristic and difficult to understand, but the new CHAT.ixi app provides it a tangible proof-of-concept. "New Chat Application Running on IOTA"

New Chat Application Running on IOTA

The IOTA community and others may find ICT to be an abstract and difficult idea to grasp, but the CHAT.ixi app will now provide it a tangible proof-of-concept, it gives ICT app a face and showcases what the IOTA extension Interface (IXI) is capable of, as noted by MicroHash.

CHAT.ixi is a chat app runs on IOTA Controlled agenT (ICT), a lightweight node designed for the Internet of Things.

What makes CHAT.ixi app different from other chat applications is that it runs on an immutable and permissionless network that preserves data-integrity.

Therefore, the chat app doesn’t come with any moderators or rules. CHAT.ixi presents a wide range of opportunities as well as risks in the chat app, as accepted by Tassanyi himself. Particularly when it comes to the opinions of those who are suppressed.

The app will be completely free of ads and does not collect data from the member's device except for messages that are sent on purpose.

Because of the inner working programs of the Tangle, the app doesn’t have a centralized framework and messages cannot be censored or tampered with.

What is ICT?

IOTA Controlled agenT (ICT) works as an experimental on IOTA project node dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) where numerous devices connect in a dynamic network.

The unpredictable nature of the IOTA program, where devices switch on and off, requires a data integrity protocol with enough redundancy to deliver messages and make data accessible.

IOTA team wants to be the standard protocol for the Internet of Things and is working to bring the possibilities of true IoT to the world.

Immutability and security will form the core development of their idea, where they intend to create their own IoT microcosm using ICT, instead of waiting for the edge network to grow and retrofit their solutions accordingly.

Tassanyi also provided the roadmap for IOTA Controlled agent where the team will work on improving the general interface design on IXI, extend its module support in more languages (beyond Java program), and provide increased security and reliability of the ICT.

A full description of the CHAT.ixi app, IOTA Project vision for the internet of things and Tangle-based IXI’s roadmap can be found on their blog.

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