Tron breeze of fresh air after the bearish 2018

Tron breeze of fresh air after the bearish 2018

According to the Cryptocurrency experts, Tron TRX can expect a successful 2019 for its digital asset TRX. This would be a Tron breeze of fresh air after the bearish 2018 which has been affecting all the altcoins."Tron breeze of fresh air after the bearish 2018"

The long-term outlook is a bullish trend. The bulls run seem to be on their way back after the price dropped to $0.01920 in the demand area on 1st January.

Tron breeze of fresh air after the bearish 2018

The progressive upward Tron price movement triggered a pushed of TRX-USD to $0.02425 in the supply on 5th January, and this was the high of the week.

The new trading week is bullish at $0.02262 level which is higher than the last week opening price level which was $0.02045, and this is definitely an indication of the pressure coming from bulls.

Cryptocurrency experts are expecting a breakout which will probably be at $0.02400.

TRX surges by 20%

The bull run are resuming the current solid trend, and TRX managed to gain about 20% in just three days.

It’s important to note that besides the tech TRX price developments, Tron is also enjoying more interest and its updates are all successful.

BTT is supporting the Tron community

We already announced that 2019 began with important movements in the crypto sphere as BitTorrent launched its very own coin BTT based on the Tron protocol.

During one recent live stream, Justin Sun addressed the reasons for which the Tron Foundation decided to create this new token, BTT. He also highlighted the benefits that it brings for the whole Tron community and TRX investors.

First of all, TRX holders will receive BTT. Justin Sun said the following.
"I think the Tron community has a huge tie with the BTT token community. So this is the first thing, I think this is the direct network connection and then the second thing is BTT token used Tron Network to use transfer span the BTT token."

And secondly, BTT token has the ability to bring interest from the BitTorrent user base which includes millions of users.

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