Tron TRX Rides The FOMO Train

Tron TRX Rides The FOMO Train

The days of fomo driven cryptocurrency pumps appear to be returning to markets and the current coin of the moment is Tron.
The recent launch of the BitTorrent Token whitepaper appears to have driven momentum over the past 48 hours for TRX. During Asian trading today Tron TRX has posted another 12% gain as it climbed from $0.0236 (590 sats) to an intraday high of $0.0266 (662 sats). Daily volume has almost doubled to over $300 million with Binance taking around 23% of that."Tron TRX Rides The FOMO Train"

Tron TRX Rides The FOMO Train

Since the same time, last Wednesday Tron TRX has made an impressive 35% as volume has surged over 340%. Over the past three weeks, Tron TRX has over doubled in price as it climbed from its 2018 low of $0.0126 (395 sats) in mid-December. It has consistently outperformed many of the other cryptocurrency and is currently the top performing token in the top 15 at the time of writing.

According to Forbes, Tron TRX has been identified as one of the top four crypto assets alongside Ethereum, XRP, and the relatively unknown Apollo platform. According to Justin Sun, Project Atlas tokens aims to “distribute to users in Q1 of 2019. This will be the biggest crypto platform for blockchain with over a hundred million users. The first step in building Project Atlas token was to make BitTorrent Speed, which was built in less than 6 months.”

The BitTorrent Token whitepaper which recently hit the web and this enhanced relationship will merge BitTorrent’s massive user base, estimated at over 100 million, with Tron Cryptocurrency blockchain network. The initiative to tokenize bandwidth speed is not a unique one and the existing BitTorrent protocol will need to be optimized first. The Tron project is an ambitious one but it could be the next stage in internet evolution if successful.

“By integrating BTT tokens and transaction processing we will both address existing limitations of BitTorrent and open up a whole new borderless economy exchanging value for computing resources on a global scale. This will be a realization and extension of the vision expressed by Father of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto in the original Bitcoin white paper on its tenth anniversary,” the paper concluded.

Tron TRX is one of those altcoins that often get a lambasting on crypto social media but there is no doubt it has one of the best marketing machines in the industry at the moment. Those multiple twitters feed run by Sun et al are constantly updating with announcements about announcements and new partnerships big and small. Just like Apple IOS, which has simply out-marketed its competitors, Tron has achieved the crypto equivalent. As a result, TRX is currently riding the wave of fomo once again as it climbs the market cap charts, next target $2 billion and Tether in the eighth.

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