How To Buy Bytecoin with USD and Bitcoin

How To Buy Bytecoin with USD and Bitcoin

Mining Bytecoin is a great way to fill your wallet up prior to hitting the moon, but buying Bytecoin can be a whole lot quicker! There are a ton of different way you can go about purchasing Bytecoin but I am going to list the ways that the community has found to be the most reliable. Remember, prior to purchasing Bytecoin, you should set up a BCN wallet."How To Buy Bytecoin with USD and Bitcoin"

How To Buy Bytecoin with USD and Bitcoin

How To Buy Bytecoin With USD

Purchasing Bytecoin with USD is the fastest way to get BCN into your wallet, and is probably the easiest way as well. There a couple of sites that allow you to purchase Bytecoin directly, but Changelly seems to have the lowest fees. Purchasing Bytecoin from Changelly is pretty straightforward, you select your payment method, choose BCN, and select the amount you’d like to purchase. Once your payment is confirmed, your  BCN will be sent to the wallet that you used. You can also use Changelly to purchase BCN with Euro, BTC, and a variety of altcoins. One thing to note is that you should not purchase less than $50 worth of Bytecoin from Changelly at a time, as the fees are a little higher.

How To Buy Bytecoin With Bitcoin

Purchasing Bytecoin with BTC (or any other cryptocurrency) is a little more involved, however, you will usually get more bang for your buck. The first step to buying Bytecoin BCN with Bitcoin BTC is to purchase your Bitcoin. There are a ton of websites to buy Bitcoin from but the two most trusted and user-friendly are Changelly and Coinbase. Coinbase exchange seems to give slightly less BTC per Dollar, but they are still a good alternative. Once you create an account and purchase your BTC, you can either go back to Changelly and purchase your Bytecoin with BTC for a lower fee or you can create an exchange account. There a ton of exchanges that allow you to trade BCN, but I have always been a fan of HitBTC. Their site is super easy to sign up for and I have never had any issues trading there. After creating your exchange account, you can put in a buy order for BCN at market rate or you can try your hand at riding the market waves. Just be sure that you transfer your Bytecoin to your wallet after purchasing it, as you should NEVER keep your stash on an exchange, trust me.

What’s Next with Bytecoin?

Buying Bytecoin is a pretty seamless process, and it continues to get easier as the development team and community continue to develop new connections and applications. Don’t wait for Bytecoin to hit the moon before you decide to buy in, you’ll regret that you didn’t get in when it was low. Good luck on your adventures with Bytecoin

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