Lisk LSK Listing on Bitpanda Exchange

Lisk LSK Listing on Bitpanda Exchange

Lisk (LSK) is scheduled for inclusion in the Bitpanda selection later today, expanding the reach of the Berlin-based project.
The Lisk network is one of older delegated proof-of-stake blockchains, using 101 delegates to produce blocks. As such, Lisk competes with the likes of Tezos, EOS, TRON, and NEO, offering its own type of consensus and security to deploy distributed apps (dApps) and smart contracts."Lisk LSK Listing on Bitpanda Exchange"

Lisk LSK Listing on Bitpanda Exchange

The addition of LSK to Bitpanda follows a community vote where the project pulled ahead due to its large number of supporters. Trading for the new asset will start soon.

LSK has a competitive advantage in the opportunity for building dApps with JavaScript. For now, it hosts a relatively small number of dApps as most activity is concentrated on the leading networks, namely Ethereum, EOS, and TRON.

Criticisms against Lisk include a solidified list of block producers that are very difficult to vote out. Another gripe is that its dApps ecosystem is quite small and has a negligible number of users.

Hopes are that the LSK market price will reach $30, but it so far failed to get anywhere near that mark. The asset traded at around $1.27 as of 9:30 UTC on Thursday, down from prices above $17 in the past year. LSK volumes have also dwindled, and most of the trading is concentrated on YoBit, with a smaller share for Binance. Most trades happen against Bitcoin (BTC), though the Korean won accounts for 25% of volumes.

However, Lisk remains a dedicated project, recently releasing a new update. Additionally, it has joined the Binance Info V Label, meaning it will share updates and transparency information directly with the exchange’s users.

LSK remains one of the assets that have not rallied in a long time, and the addition to Bitpanda will lead to only marginal buying pressure. Still, the project will be exposed to as many as 900,000 estimated users of the brokerage service.

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