DigiByte Price Prediction for 2019

DigiByte Price Prediction for 2019

DigiByte Price, along with all other altcoins price, is gradually losing their worth to Bitcoin BTC because of its turbulent and erratic nature. In the upcoming days as well, the condition seems to be the same until the bearish time prevails. However, the extent of severity towards sensitivity will vary from time to time. From the current 5 day chart, it seems that DGB price can rise in the upcoming days but how long it will be able to pertain its positive value is doubtful and also not guaranteed."DigiByte Price Prediction for 2019"

DigiByte Price Prediction for 2019

DigiByte Price Status:

DigiByte Price in USD: 0.0144 USD (UTC time 04:09)
Price in BTC: 0.00000185 BTC
Market cap: 172,935,511 USD
Market rank: 49
Circulating supply: 11,874,882,398 DGB

DigiByte Price Prediction & Analysis

Starting with the 5 days from 31st May, we see that the price has been already performing in the bearish zone. Later, it observed a price of 0.0154 USD on 1ST May and tried remaining static for some time. From 2nd May, it started picking up its momentum and substantially reached a value of 0.0170 USD. The above 5-day chart shows that on 3rd June, DigiByte price had a sharp rise trading at 0.0170 USD. Its value then started deterring down when the bearish hit DGB coin, consequently when the day was ending on 3rd June and 4th June, DGB price traded at 0.01629185 and 0.01420772 respectively. The support level not being effective, its value again gravitated towards a complete bearish trend where it traded at 0.0142 USD yesterday. Even the arrow in the chart is indicating that the DGB price can be in the bearish zone for the upcoming days before bouncing back to the bullish zone. So, within 5 days, the DGB price got deterred by 7.79%.


DGB is in a highly fluctuating state. No matter what its own potential but is subjected to be affected by the intense, volatile crypto market. Retention of its bullish value as of now is difficult for no effect of the support levels. Therefore, long term investment is definitely not a good idea so far DigiByte is concerned, but in our recommendation, the short term investors can go with DigiByte.

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