Litecoin to introduce an LTC debit card

Litecoin to introduce an LTC debit card

The Litecoin Foundation is known for its market-changing partnership deals and marketing campaigns, but the latest one seems to take the cake. LTC Foundation has recently announced that it will be partnering with the Bibox Exchange in order to deliver a physical debit card to its customer base. The crypto community will be given yet another plastic card, which they can use in order to pay for services or goods offline. According to the Litecoin Foundation, the coins used in the process will be LTC and Bibox Exchange’s native token called BIX (Bibox token), as well as Ternio’s (another partner) token called "TERN.Litecoin to introduce an LTC debit card"
Litecoin to introduce an LTC debit card

The partnership makes sure that all three of the participants have their own area of expertise. For example, the Bibox exchange will facilitate and leverage an over $200 million trading volume every day, and Ternio will provide a specific platform required for the debit card. The integration of the debit card will happen through the injection of the program on Bibox’s exchange and Litecoin’s official wallet LoafWallet. Naturally, this is not the first debit or credit card to come out specifically for crypto investors, and it will definitely not be the last. Many experts are saying that making these cards one by one is not a benefit to the crypto society as very few have their investments consolidated in just one coin. The statement is true, the average crypto portfolio contains no less than four or five different coins. A collaboration between different crypto foundations would be much more beneficial, but who knows, maybe that’s where all of these companies are gearing up to?

The physical debit card will have support for Litecoin (LTC), Bibox Token (BIXI and Ternio (TERN).
United States-based users will be the first to enjoy the service in the coming weeks.
The Litecoin foundation has announced the release of a new special edition debit card that will allow users to spend LTC and other digital assets both online and at the physical point of sales. The physical debit card will have support for Litecoin (LTC), Bibox Token (BIXI and Ternio (TERN).

The three companies partnering to launch this BlockCard are Litecoin, Bibox Exchange and Ternio. The card has been designed to cater to the needs of the everyday shopper who desire to spend their cryptos just like traditional cash.

United States-based users will be the first to enjoy the service. Bibox Exchange will offer the custodial services for the customers’ funds.

“The special edition Cryptocurrency debit card will first be released to United States residences and soon after for non-US customers. Bibox Exchange and the Litecoin Foundation will integrate the debit card directly into the Bibox Exchange and LoafWallet – the official Litecoin wallet. Litecoin wallet Users will be able to access their LTC debit cards directly within these ecosystems, giving them instant access to spend.”

Charlie Lee, Litecoin’s said that this development will help take LTC closer to mainstream adoption allowing users to access travel, hotels and other retail services.

“Leveraging Ternio’s BlockCard platform with Bibox’s exchange engine gives Litecoin holders unparalleled access to use their LTC at merchants around the world.”

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