Monero XMR Price Is Showing Positive Growth

Monero XMR Price Is Showing Positive Growth

Xmrig 2.16.0-beta update rolled out with RandomX.
The Xmrig 2.16.0-beta will include a CPU and Proxy server as well.

On June 25, at UTC 12:17, XMR price was trading around 117.050 USD.
At the same time, Monero vs. Bitcoin was trading at 0.01027999 BTC.

Monero XMR Price Is Showing Positive Growth

Additionally, the Market Cap of the Monero XMR was 1,997,161,280 USD.
With an ROI of 4,631.86%, the 24-hour trading volume in Monero was 142,381,278 USD.
The total XMR coins circulating in the market was 17,062,025 XMR.
XMR Coin Comparison:
Let’s compare the current Monero price with the price of the altcoin 25-day’s back. On June 01 2019, Monero (XMR) was trading at 92.783 USD. However, today the altcoins are trading with a hike of 26.15%. Similarly, in the weekly Monero XMR chart, the crypto has climbed up by a huge margin of 13.48%, from the trading price of USD on June 19.

Monero Price Prediction:

at this time, our long term prediction for Monero to be trading around $200 by the end of the year. The Monero is all set to surpass the short term milestone of $120.


as of now, when most of the Coin market is showing a bearish trend, Monero has maintained a steady movement toward the positive side. Not to forget that Monero’s security and privacy is the USP, but it is more of a transactional kind of cryptocurrency. In the future, Monero will have to face a lot of competition, as a number of newer coins are now moving toward a privacy-centric chain and are competing in the privacy space.

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