Cardano Price Prediction for August 2019

Cardano Price Prediction for August 2019

Cardano price may rise up to $0.065 by the end of the August first week, ADA’s slow trends are concerning everyday Cryptocurrency traders.
It has not been a good month for Cardano ADA holders so far as the ADA is moving in the downward trend constantly without any signs of recovery. It may jump up to $0.060 by the end of the week but may take September to cross $0.080 price again if the current market performance of the Cardano is taken into consideration. "Cardano Price Prediction for August 2019"

Cardano Price Prediction for August 2019

Cardano ADA Price Statistics

As noted on August 5, 2019, the price of Cardano ADA token is trading at $0.056, and it has recorded a downtrend moving of over 3% since yesterday when it was trading at $0.058. Cardano started yesterday on a high note but then fell to trade below $0.057. It had a sharp price rise around noon but fell drastically again. It has not been able to jump since then.

  • The price of Cardano token is noted to be $0.056 and 0.00000509 BTC
  • The market cap has reached $1,461,118,572
  • The 24 hour volume is now $45,257,235
  • The ROI of the coin is 159.88%
  • The circulating supply stands at 25,927,070,538 ADA
Cardano closed the day trading at $0.056 and the highest recorded value yesterday was $0.058. It may reach up to this value by the end of today.

Planning huge investments in ADA token now may benefit in the future as the Cardano is highly reliable but is not able to come out of the slow trends. however, It may reach up to $0.065 by the end of next week and trade around $0.070 by the end of this month. Cardano can take next 2 to 3 months to come back with surging trends and trade above $0.080.

It is a very good time to plan bulk investments in Cardano ADA and start saving for the future benefits. The coin may not seem very profitable now but may become in the future.

Cardano ADA is the cryptocurrency of the future and has established its strong presence in the global markets through strategic partnerships. Cardano ADA is also getting attention from global leaders and big investors, and this may push the ADA towards bullish trends very soon. Cardano price may rise up to $0.085 by the next 2 weeks and may start trading above $0.090 by the end of September.

As it is highly likely for Cardano to reach new heights by the end of  2019, this is the perfect time to plan big investments in Cardano ADA and make the best out of the current slow trends.

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  1. Who want to hang on cardano further, prepare you orders at $0.027
    But don't be greedy. There are big chances to go lower even under $0.02. After that make what @IOHK_Charles says in the last AMA: calculate 5X, with some luck 10X and see if there is a lambo