DigiByte finally having a whopping jump of 12.55%

DigiByte finally having a whopping jump of 12.55%

DigiByte Price has finally made a move to $0.0111 after gaining 12.55%. this jump improves the rank of the coin by four places.DigiByte has finally been able to shock its investors by having a whopping jump of 12.55% over the last 24 hours. For the last few days, the coin has been alleged of going against the market direction and losing a significant amount as each day passes by. However, the coin finally seems to have got the track and 0.025 USD before 2020 seems feasible now."DigiByte finally having a whopping jump of 12.55%"

DigiByte finally having a whopping jump of 12.55%

DigiByte has experienced enormous growth over the past 24 hours. Although, in the initial hours, the coin was plunging. At 01:46 UTC the coin was being traded near 0.0101 USD when it started losing value against USD, and it was pushed to 0.0094 USD. However, by 15:17 UTC, the coin started gaining strength, and it could shoot its value by 11.59% in no time. Another hike followed it, and this hike made the investors gain massively by 16% and took the coin to 0.1115 USD. The highest point of the coin for the last 24 hours was near 01:07 UTC at 0.0113 USD. The latest swing took the coin from 0.0113 USD to 0.0105 USD within 1 hour and 17 minutes.

DigiByte has lost almost 12% in the previous 24 hours. However, DigiByte still possesses the potential to perform exceptionally, and it may reach 0.025 USD before 2019 ends. We should first analyze the current statistics of the Digibyte.

Digibyte started the day way below its resistance level. However, by 10:15 UTC, the coin got a push of 11.90% and reached 0.01179 USD. This growth was momentary and suddenly faced a blow of 8.47% and lost almost 0.0009 USD. The third swing deducted 0.0015 USD from the value of each DGB coin. However, towards the closing, the currency started strengthening by a slight margin. With a 3.65% growth, it was at 0.009980 by 03:29 UTC.

DGB coin’s yesterday’s fall seems to be a temporary one, and it may not have any long-extending impact on the coin’s outlook for 2019. The coin may touch 0.025 USD by the end of this year. In the long-term, the coin has everything on its side to perform exceptionally.

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