DigiByte Price Made an Upward Movement

DigiByte Price Made an Upward Movement

DigiByte (DGB) Starts the Month with a Growth Sign, DigiByte (DGB) made an upward movement over the last 24 hours. The bullish price medium-term target should be set at 0.025 USD.
DigiByte, the 53rd ranked crypto coin in the market has made a jump of 1.42% over the last 24 hours. And this DGB price jump is in accordance to the market growth. after days of struggle by DGB, is likely to recover now. The medium-term is bullish and it may reach as high as 0.025 USD by this year’s end. Before analyzing the DGB price movement, we should first look at the current statistics of the coin."DigiByte Price Made an Upward Movement"

DigiByte Price Made an Upward Movement

DigiByte to USD Price Comparison

DigiByte DGB was traded from 0.0104 USD to 0.0102 USD within 3 and a half hours from 00:57 UTC. There was another price hike of 4.11% between 09:12 UTC and 16:07 UTC and the next dip of 3.40% made a perfect growth triangle by 19:11 UTC. The dip cost the coin 0.0003 USD. After a few hours of DigiByte market struggle, DGB again made a jump from 0.01050 USD to 0.010184 USD over 5 hours from 23:56 UTC. These 4 swings have helped the DigiByte to gain marginally in the market.

DigiByte Price Prediction

DigiByte (DGB) has a bullish medium-term and the current steady growth hints at 0.025 USD before the start of the New Year. Let us now look at the next support resistance points and possible support levels of the coin.

DGB has a long journey to make and this has high chances of recording enormous growth by the next quarter. The DGB long-term holders are likely to yield the highest.

DigiByte price started yesterday with a big shock when the coin lost 0.0003 USD in the initial few hours by 06:46 UTC. However, the DGB follows a hike of 3.35%, which took the coin to the highest point of the day at 0.01042 USD. This price gain of 3.35%, however, was not a long-extended one. A sudden blow to the DigiByte was seen over the next half an hour from the second swing. This blow cost the DGB 0.0004 USD straight away. However, by the trade closing time, the coin managed to recover partially. With the latest hike, the DGB reached 0.010408 USD. Since then, the DigiByte has been facing difficulties to grow.

The DigiByte may close the day at 0.0105 USD after few hours of growth. As per experts price prediction, DigiByte has high chances of breaching 0.045 USD before this year ends.

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  1. Extremely positive compared with the reality... how many digibytes are you holding? :)