How to earn EOS every single hour for free

How to earn EOS every single hour for free

BetDice is the latest online Dice game dapp to hit the EOS coin network and they give away guaranteed to earn free EOS every single hour  There is absolutely no need to buy or to pay for EOS coin to claim this hourly. "How to earn EOS every single hour for free"

How to earn EOS every single hour for free

For Sign - up bonus, they will also give you 1000 Free DICE tokens to play with.

You can choose to play for EOS token or for DICE token - presale price for the BetDICE token was 1000 DICE for 0.10 EOS tokens. DICE coin is due to begin trading at Newdex exchange within the next 2 weeks.

Just log in Betdice via Scatter and click on the lucky number draw button and earn between 0.0005 to 50 EOS per one spin - no catch cards. They are doing this as a promotion of Betdice to entice people to play the game.

Even if you don't intend to use your EOS wallet to play you can try to win more DICE token using the 1000 Free you are given. You have a chance of turning this into more EOS with no risk at all

BetDice currently offers several awesome online casino games, including a simple dice game (from which it gets its name) plus a daily lottery and lucky draw game.
In the past month, BetDice launched Baccarat and Sic Bo, two of the most popular games in Asia. These games have been well received by a growing number of players, even attracting a few high rollers, individually betting more than $30,000 in EOS on successive rounds of Baccarat.

In December, BetDice plans to release two more games, including Blackjack and Roulette; two of the most popular games in western cultures and traditional casinos.
The BetDice team also has plans to expand its reach in 2019 with the launch of PVP games like Poker, Texas Hold’em, and Craps. Other potential additions to BetDice could include a Mega Lottery (similar to PowerBall in the U.S.), sports betting, horse racing, and prediction markets.

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