IOTA-enabled Energy Innovation at ENTRA’s

IOTA-enabled Energy Innovation at ENTRA’s

Jaguar Land Rover and ENGIE Lab CRIGEN team up to co-create and showcase IOTA-enabled Sustainable Energy Innovation at ENTRA’s newly commissioned smart building in Trondheim, Norway."IOTA-enabled Energy Innovation at ENTRA’s"

IOTA-enabled Energy Innovation at ENTRA’s

TRONDHEIM, Norway-UK’s largest automotive manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and it’s 2019 World Car of the Year, the I-PACE, will lead the way in a demonstration of energy provenance-tracking and Internet-of-Things (IoT) co-creation during a special exhibition with non-profit IOTA Foundation’s distributed ledger technology, France’s ENGIE Lab CRIGEN, the ENGIE Group’s corporate center for R&D and ENTRA, one of Norway’s leading real estate companies.

he demonstration is part of the grand opening of ENTRA’s Powerhouse Brattørkaia, the biggest new energy-positive building in Norway, held today, August 30th in Trondheim, recipient of an award for Norway’s most innovative city, in a country recognized as a global leader in technology. Jaguar Land Rover, ENGIE and IOTA Foundation’s demonstration underscores the global significance of sustainability co-creation across transportation, infrastructure, and energy.
“This agile initiative demonstrates vividly how cities can transform both infrastructure and transportation into a sustainable and mutually beneficial ecosystem,” said Russell Vickers, manager, Jaguar Land Rover’s vehicle-as-a-service engineering group. “We are excited to let the public see how energy-positive buildings and vehicles such as the I-Pace in this demonstration can create positive sustainability innovation in line with Jaguar Land Rover's Destination Zero strategy.”

The showcase demonstrates how electricity charged by smart electric vehicles can be traced back to the Powerhouse as its green and local source while delivering a real-time data display of energy exchange between the car and the Powerhouse charging resource.

“This partnered demonstration not only reveals how The Powerhouse Group’s energy-positive approach to construction can play a critical role in combating global warming,” said Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, architect at Snøhetta, one of five founding partners in Powerhouse. “It also spotlights the many ways in which industries can partner to create interactive, energy-smart innovation.”

Jaguar Land Rover announced earlier this year the development of an IOTA Smart Wallet to secure and monetize data exchanges with its vehicles. Aligned with JLR’s Destination Zero vision (zero accidents, zero congestion, and zero emissions), the potential use of the wallet is further expanded by this new initiative to bring a JLR I-Pace vehicle, elected World car of the year 2019, at the heart of IOTA smart city co-creation work.

This development leverages ENGIE Lab CRIGEN’s expertise in energy, facility management, and smart city, as well as its capabilities in IOTA, enabled IoT development. The corporate R&D center based in Paris has cooperated with the IOTA Foundation since September 2018 with the goal of exploring the use of IOTA technology in enhancing ENGIE’s business processes, products, and services in such areas as energy, smart cities and buildings, and mobility.

“We welcome this real-world, practical demonstration of the power of technology to enable a sustainable, workable ecosystem between energy sources, cars and developments,” said Philippe Calvez, ENGIE Lab CRIGEN, Research Lab Manager, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAI).

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