Neo token is focusing on the gaming community

Neo token is focusing on the gaming community

NEO Cryptocurrency has a lot of things going on at the company level but it may not be benefitting it in the token’s price. The Neo team is focusing on the online gaming community and getting enough traction also for its efforts in building the smart economy of tomorrow. But, as far as NEO is considered, it seems to be stuck in the under $12 loop since past few weeks and finding it difficult to find the outside way. The current NEO market performance has nothing new to say. "Neo token is focusing on the gaming community"

Neo token is focusing on the gaming community

The coin started yesterday trading at $11.31 and surged to $11.98 in a few hours. NEO stayed there for some time before falling back again to hit $11.48. Currently, NEO is trading at $11.56 recording a 2% surge since yesterday but it is longer than expected for the coin to move past $12 value. The Cryptocurrency traders are eagerly waiting for that to happen now.

  • The NEO token price stands at $11.56 and 0.00115302 BTC
  • The market cap of the NEO has reached $815,556,769
  • The 24 h volume stands at $290,965,025
  • The ROI of the coin stands at 6,310.23%
  • The circulating supply is now 70,538,831 NEO

NEO price may start rising after this week and may reach up to $15 in the coming week. The coin may close trading today around $12 but may fall back again to buy below it tomorrow onwards till the weekend.

NEO Price Prediction

NEO token is a highly profitable and reliable cryptocurrency and the investments made in it may last longer and give proper gains. However, the traders now seek exponential price growth trends from the NEO token which can bring the faith back in its power. NEO may rise up to $18 till the end of this month and may move as high as $25 by the end of the year.

This is a good time to plan long term investments in the NEO token and save for future gains.

This is a good time for NEO holders to sit back and enjoy the crypto moving at a stable upward pace. The progressive trends may continue in the next few months, also with better momentum as compared to the current market trends.

NEO token closed trading at $11.25, but the lowest recorded value of the coin was $10.81. NEO token has gained some pace now and moves up soon to pass $12 again.

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