3 Best Lisk coin wallets of 2019

3 Best Lisk coin wallets of 2019

Lisk (LSK) coin is a decentralized founded by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows with the aim of making blockchain more accessible. It all began in the year 2014 with Crypti, an open-source blockchain app platform which was eventually forked by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows. Crypti needed more firepower to reach the founders’ visions and was forked into Lisk in May 2016.

Lisk LSK is presently in the process of its Software Development Kit (SDK), which will allow the building of your own personal blockchain. The Software Development Kit will use JavaScript to do so, which will be as easy as Code – Deploy – Use. The dApps built on the Lisk project network will run in individual side chains so as not to compromise the overall Lisk network and its scalability.

Lisk coin is the 25th largest cryptocurrency as of now, with a market cap of $539,654,415.

3 Best Lisk coin wallets of 2019

1. Lisk Coin Hub Wallet

It is one of the most user-friendly wallets, which can act as “all-in-one” solution, accessible through your web browser and even for download to Windows and Mac operating systems.

Lisk Identity uses an algorithm to create a unique visual representation of each user, which is presented with a 12-word passphrase, that is stored on some third-party servers, so you’ll have to store it in a safe place. Hub wallet also features a blockchain explorer and allows users to vote for the delegates. Lisk developers say that it will also feature a decentralized exchange, sidechain registration and the ability to launch your own ICO, in the future.

2. Lisk Coin Nano wallet

Lisk Coin Nano wallet is one of the best Lisk online wallets in 2019, which allows you to access your Lisk ID and basically aims to be as convenient to use as possible and no need to worry about the blockchain synchronization as the wallet connects directly to the Lisk Network.

It is a hierarchical deterministic(HD) backups Lisk wallet, which makes it easy to receive and send tokens and can check the status of your LSK balance. The wallet is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems and also gives you the ability to control your private keys.

3.Lisk Coin Paper Wallet

Lisk Coin paper wallet is a good option for cold storing your LSK tokens. It is the best offline Lisk coin wallet, which can be stored without the risk of theft or cyber hacks.

Like other Cryptocurrency paper wallets, it is the last option. But if properly handled, you can store it as an asset.

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