How to get 5 altcoins for Free

How to get 5 altcoins for Free

Do you need some free altcoins to get started with cryptocurrency? I have compiled a shortlist of 5 altcoins websites where you can collect free cryptocurrency immediately, either for you to hold and in many cases to sell on an exchange for the crypto of your choice. Always take all safety precautions, like using unique passwords and ideally not your primary e-mail addresses. Most of these in the list I have done myself with positive results, with the exception of LBRY. Not all of them are tradeable yet, but most are. "How to get 5 altcoins for Free"

How to get 5 altcoins for Free

Free Stellar coins

If you had a Bitcoin BTC or Ripple XRP wallet with funds in them, you may be eligible to receive free Stellar Lumens, which can be traded on major exchanges such as Poloniex and Bittrex. You have to collect your free Stellar Lumens.
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Free WCX tokens

WCX crypto token is a new cryptocurrency which has yet to reach ICO stage and cannot be traded on marketplaces yet (this is planned for October). You can sign up and get 50 free WCX tokens worth $5 by following the link below. You can't actually do anything with these yet. You can't trade or sell or transfer them, but you will likely be able to do so sometime in October. My personal prediction is that the price will rise higher than the current valuation because this is the trend for all crypto. I see this as being potential $50 worth of free crypto. These tokens also pay out dividends, collected from the transaction fees on their exchange. Very interesting if you ask me to hold on to these for a while. As always security, use a password and email address that you don't normally use for security and follow my referral link to sign up for free WCX tokens.

Free LBRY Credits

LBRY content sharing and publishing platform are handing out 10 free LBRY credits (about $0.33 each) for signing up and installing their beta browser. This process requires you to link your credit card for identification. Afterward, you can earn some additional LBRY credits as rewards for watching some videos. I have not personally been able to confirm this since I don't want to link my credit card to my account, but I believe LBRY to be a trustworthy party and have seen reports from others that this works. You can download the LBRY browser and sign up by following this link.

Free OMG tokens

If you held Ethereum ETH in a private wallet at a recent date you will receive free OMG tokens from the OMG airdrop which will happen soon. OmiseGO is a great project, so free OMG tokens is a great thing. Lucky you, if you have been holding on to your Ether. Read more about the upcoming airdrop here.


ong.Social is a very new social media platform and the hub that generates ad revenue. Their token is not tradeable yet and the platform is super new, but they do give you $10 for signing up and making an account. I am assuming that at some point, this $10 worth of tokens will be tradeable on exchanges. Follow this link to sign up to ong.Social.

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