NEO is All Set for a Price Recovery

NEO is All Set for a Price Recovery

NEO has entered into a tie-up with Techfund, which may lead to its mass adoption. The bear trend of the crypto market affected NEO like other coins, and it had been trading in the lower range since the last month. However, the past few days has seen NEO in a better position with the price moving upwards at intermittent phases. The NEO coin one-day price chart depicts the price variations for NEO coin in the range of $9.69 – $10.02."NEO is All Set for a Price Recovery"

NEO is All Set for a Price Recovery

The NEO price chart has shown a lot of variations mostly in the upward range showing that NEO price is trying to get back into the upper zone. From a high of $10.0235, the NEO price fell to $9.6910 in a matter of four hours to the extent of 3.22%. Within two hours, the price rallied to $9.8620 to the tune of 1.80%. In three hours, the NEO price again fell to $9.6948 to the tune of 1.64%. It picked up to the tune of 2.50%. In the next three hours, the price again had a fall at $9.75062 to the extent of 1.80%. There was a respite in two hours when the price went upwards at $9.96011 to the extent of 2.15%. Today the NEO price has reduced to $9.4396, the reduction is to the extent of 5.22%.

Recent developments and technological innovations will lead to an increased customer base and more investors. The bearish trend is expected to be a short-term trend with the bulls trying hard to bounce back. As per the past data and analysis, by the year-end, NEO should be on the bullish track.

The time is right for investors to get into the buying mound and hold investments from a long-term perspective.

NEO held the third NEO JOY in 2019 this past weekend, which offered a variety of presentations from ecosystem projects like FutureDAO, Alchemint, CryptoFast, dex. top, Custodian, and NewEconoLabs (NEL). NEO Global Development (NGD) director of ecosystem growth, John Wang, delivered a speech at the event.

NGD released the second half of its LOVE NEO episode with guest John deVadoss, head of NGD Seattle. In the interview, deVadoss reiterates his previous experience building large-scale platforms for Microsoft, and reasons for choosing to build on NEO. He cites Da Hongfei’s vision of the Smart Economy as a “very compelling” reason to contribute to the project. deVadoss said, “it was very clear there was no other platform like NEO, from the architectural basis.” NGD also released LOVE NEO episodes with the founder of CardMaker, Wizard, and NEO NEXT co-founder, Edison Chen.

NGD hosted its sixth English-based NEO LIVE event on Thursday, August 29th, with Novem as a guest. Novem was represented by CTO, Christoph Klocker, and COO, Fouad Soultana to discuss Novem’s upcoming public token sale, the security of its gold-backed NNN token, reasons for choosing NEO, and more.

NGD announced its inaugural NEO Community Assembly 2019. The NCA will run from September 2nd – 6th, and will host leaders from community development groups such as COZ, NEO SPCC, NeoResearch, Neow3j, NEO-ONE and more. During the event, the groups will discuss topics such as NEO governance, NEO3 migration, NEO3 infrastructure, and the F5 plan. On Thursday, September 5th, NEO will hold an official press conference.

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