Tron's Developments and Partnerships

Tron's Developments and Partnerships 

Tron and TRX are being released in stages, with the entire release roughly halfway complete. Here's a breakdown of each development phase.

Tron's Developments and Partnerships


The first leg of the journey is with Exodus, the initial phase of Tron's development. Exodus is a free platform for peer-to-peer distribution and storage that gives consumers a tool that enables them to store and access data and release it out to Tron users. 
This phase of Tron's development is geared toward content creation on the Tron system, with a strong dose of incentives made available to early developers and users to try the technology out for size. 
Great Voyage and Apollo
This, the token phase of Tron's development, enables content developers to issue their own coins used for platform transactions."Tron's Developments and Partnerships"

Star Trek

Star Trek is essentially the gaming function phase for Tron. Star Trek is a decentralized gaming and market forecasting platform that allows anyone to offer content on the system. 
The Eternity phase of Tron's development is that last one, set to roll out by 2020. Here, developers can not only issue games they've created on Tron, but they can also seek out investors to fund their content ideas and development on the platform. 
Tron's Partnerships
Tron has also begun forging potentially profitable partnerships with multiple companies, with each designed to push Tron forward out into the cryptocurrency marketplace.


First Tron has aligned with oBike, one of the Pacific Rim's leading bike-sharing companies. oBike has also recently released its own cryptocurrency, called oCoin. The token was issued on the Tron platform earlier this year where the tokens are used to purchase rides on the oBike platform. 


That's just for starters. Tron also recently inked a pact with Bitmain, a developer of ASIC computer chips used for Bitcoin mining. Bitmain is a major player in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market, with the use of its Antminer S9 product widely used in the bitcoin marketplace. That relationship alone gives Tron a stronger pedigree in the cryptocurrency market. 


One of the most prominent law firms in the world, Zag-S&W gives Tron a valuable ally and legal expert to pitch in on key issues like digital asset transactions, copyrights, risk assessment, and legal rights and privileges in various countries and locales.

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