How to get Free ZCash in 2019 and 2020

How to get Free ZCash in 2019 and 2020

If you want to get free cryptocurrency but aren't ready to invest your own money then Faucet Claiming is a great way to get started. Faucets serve ads on their site and pay users a small amount of cryptocurrency for every visitor who claims crypto using their service. "How to get Free ZCash in 2019 and 2020"

How to get Free ZCash in 2019 and 2020

Popular decentralized private currency Zcash currently has a faucet running which you can sign up for absolutely free.

Sign up to Zcash Faucet here

Claiming FREE ZCash

The ZCash ZEC faucet allows you to claim a small amount of ZCash ZEC token every hour. You're chances of claiming ZCash every hour payouts are as follows:

80 sats (30%)
100 sats (65%)
250 sats (3%)
500 sats (1.9%)
1000 sats (0.099%)
500000 sats (0.001%)

Referrals income for ZCash

You can get additional Free ZCash by referring your friends to sign up. Each time your referral claims ZCash you will receive 10% of ZEC of whatever the referrals payout claim was.

Browser Mining for ZCash

If you want to increase the amount of ZCash ZEC you can earn, you can use the browser miner available on the site. All you will have to do is create an account and click "start mining" and leave the browser window open

The miner is built on Coinimp and mines Monero which is then converted into ZCash and added to your account.

What is ZCash?

ZCash originally began back in 2013 as a project that was commonly known as “ZeroCoin”, originating from the University Department of Computer Science at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, United States. The Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn is the founder and CEO of Zcash Company. Its founding team includes cryptographer Matthew D. Green from Johns Hopkins University. Roger Ver is one of the initial investors of Zcash Company.

What they’ve created in ZCash is essentially a decentralized cryptocurrency aimed at using its own form of cryptography to provide enhanced privacy for its users compared to other altcoins available.

Create a ZCash Wallet

You can create a free ZCash Wallet with Jaxx. You can download Jaxx wallet it for desktop or mobile, set it up and then select ZCash as a wallet

Withdrawing your FREE ZCash

Once you've claimed the minimum ZCash withdrawal amount of 0.0005 ZCash you will be able to send it to a ZCash Wallet or Exchange Wallet of your choice.

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