IOTA is regarded as one of the top crypto projects

IOTA is regarded as one of the top crypto projects

IOTA (MIOTA) continues to make giant strides in its quest to become a top leader within the crypto ecosystem. The blockchain project has partnered with Polaris-Odyssey as an ecosystem member ahead of its scheduled Hackathon in November."IOTA is regarded as one of the top crypto projects"

IOTA is regarded as one of the top crypto projects

The hackathon which converges hundreds of hackers from over 29 countries is set to involve discussions on how to develop collaborative ecosystems to resolve world problems.

IOTA will be expected to discuss the role of blockchain technology as a key facilitator for new ecosystems.

IOTA Is A Leading Player In Blockchain Technology

IOTA is regarded as one of the top crypto projects that combine IoT and blockchain technology. IOTA has developed a patterned solution aimed at striking connectivity between fiat industries and the decentralized world is taking new shapes.

The latest developments and strategic partnerships are the clues that the crypto project is going places. IOTA project continues to make inroads into different sectors with a combination of partnerships and effective blockchain solutions.

The blockchain project shot into limelight with its partnership with automobile giants Volkswagen. This has paved the way for more partnerships, with the Jaguar test running one of its solutions on their cars.

In addition, IOTA has also struck partnerships with Fujitsu a major telecommunications operator in what is expected to accelerate the blockchain functionalities.

One of the aspects in which the cryptocurrency has intensified efforts is with its native Trinity wallet. IOTA had earlier in July released a stable and complete version of the wallet after months of work and updates to the beta versions.

IOTA is currently ranked 16th on the crypto market with a market value of $0.280726 and a total market cap of $780,287,721. 

About Odyssey Hackathon

Odyssey is a leading technology initiative that uses a series of hackathons and programs to mobilize developers, startups, investors, governmental bodies and other industry experts.

Odyssey connects innovative ideas with government finance, corporate, and non-profit partners to address complex societal challenges using blockchain, AI, and other emerging technologies.

Some of its major partners include airline giant KLM, accounting firm Deloitte, and the European Union. This partnership shows that IOTA is looking to expand its network within the mainstream tech world.

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